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When running a Docker container in some isolated environment (e.g. for testing purposes), one thing you often want to do is to call a service located in some other container running on your host system.

Without some sort of service discovery these are invisible to the container itself. What you need in this case is the IP address of the host system so that it can be reached from within the container. I myself recently had that problem when I locally needed to test how two services directly interact with one another.

Googling the issue I found out that it is highly sought after although the solution is stunningly simple. Get a list of your network interfaces in the shell of your choice:

ipconfig // on windows
iwconfig // linux
ifconfig // linux

The output should be somewhat similar to what you’re seeing in the picture above. Try to track down the docker network interdace et voila: here’s the IP you were looking for.

That being said: On Windows it’s most probably always

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Setting up minikube on a Windows 10 computer is (in theory) the most easy thing to do since Hyper-V already does the virtualization and there is no additional software to be installed. Yay.

Where it really gets hairy are a few things that might not run out of the box right away and I’ll try to give you the shortest guide possible here to get minikube up and running on your machine.

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Gestern habe ich mir ein neues MIDI-Piano gekauft und wollte heute Effekte von der beiliegenden CD auf meinen Laptop kopieren. Seltsamerweise ließen sich einige Dateien einfach nicht übertragen. Windows beklagte sich immer über:

Nicht genug Arbeitsspeicher..

Na gut. Kein Problem. Gelegentlich übertreibe ich es mit der Anzahl meiner offenen Tools ein wenig und mein PC läuft, was das angeht, immer etwas auf Kante. Also den Arbeitsspeicher ein wenig aufgeräumt.

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