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Have you ever worked in an environment where making decisions took forever because Manager A had to involve his Super B who in turn involved Stakeholders C, D and E so that your project never took off? Well – then this post is for you.

I’ve had the pleasure to work in a multitude of different work environments over the past 12 years ranging from small single-person businesses (including my own one as well), individual clients over research facilities to Microsoft as one of the biggest global software companies. Right now I’m working for a startup which – ever since I joined three years ago – has impressed me with a tremendous growth.

Over time not only employee numbers skyrocketed but also the organisational direction changed a lot. Things we easily settled by shooting out a single e-mail two years ago were replaced by long discussions and thorough stakeholder meetings. Pespectively the company is changing from a conventional, centralised startup towards a culture that fosters autonomy and self-driven decisions in order to be able to move away from micro-management. „About Communication: Why not Making Tough Decisions is Actually Really Expensive“ weiterlesen

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